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I can’t believe we are already at Week 7. The seas

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Taking some time to reflect http://www.chiefsauthorizedshops.com/authentic-travis-kelce-jersey , on seems to be flying along and this is some of the most fun I’ve had watching the Kansas City Chiefs in my lifetime. Welcome back to chiefStats, where we cover a few statistical topics leading up to the Chiefs games.Last week, we asked the question of whether or not Tom Brady was finally on the downswing. Unfortunately for the Chiefs, Brady answered that question by showing us he still has plenty left in the tank.Moving forward, I’m going to include a quick overview of the Chiefs’ opponent’s stats before we get into the more detailed items:Bengals overviewNow let’s see what kind of dirt we can dig up on the Bengals.1. Daytime DaltonI had remembered hearing rumors about how the Bengals quarterback, Andy Dalton, struggled in clutch situations. I have no idea where I had heard this, and I honestly could have just imagined it. Either way, I found some pretty interesting information regarding Dalton’s day/night splits.Dalton has played significantly worse in night games than in day games. This situation has led to some pretty hilarious nicknames for Dalton like Daytime Dalton and Daywalker Dalton.Notice the eight-point drop in passer rating? That’s the difference between Aaron Rodgers (100.1) and Alex Smith (91.9) so far in 2018. I know Smith is a good quarterback, but I’d much rather face Smith than Rodgers.2. Marvin Lewis tooBut it’s not all Dalton’s fault. In fact, the Bengals problems at night go beyond Dalton’s era with the Bengals.Marvin Lewis has not put forth good showings on Sunday Night Football games during his time in Cincinnati.I was surprised to see Lewis has been coaching for the Bengals since 2003. At that time in my life I was a junior in high school and probably sitting in my parents basement playing the Gamecube (seriously underrated system).3. Red-zone comparisonsAs the season progresses, it is becoming more and more clear that if teams want to beat the Chiefs they will have to win in a shootout. In shootouts Dustin Colquitt Jersey , teams who settle for field goals more often usually lose.This is why red-zone performance will be a key stat for every Chiefs game going forward. With the current version of the Chiefs team, all that stuff between the 20-yard lines really doesn’t matter.Once again, we’ll be using Bill Connelly’s advanced stats guide.Looking at the matchup between the Chiefs red-zone defense and the Bengals red-zone offense, it appears as though both teams are evenly matched going into this game. This tells me anything could happen when the Bengals are in scoring position.If the Chiefs want to win, they are going to need to hold the Bengals to field goals. Looking at both teams’ numbers, it could be a coin toss every time the Bengals get into the red zone.Now let’s look at the other side of the ball:When the Chiefs have the ball in the red zone, they have a large advantage against the Bengals defense, which hasn’t been particularly great in the red zone.With the Bengals offense evenly matched with the Chiefs defense in the red zone, and the Chiefs offense being significantly better than the Bengals defense in the red zone, we could see a game where the Bengals simply can’t keep up with the Chiefs offense.4. Third DownThe Bengals’ third-down defense has left a lot to be desired so far in 2018:The column on the right shows the Bengals third-down defense, and orange stands for bad. The Bengals third-down defense has been bad if you couldn’t tell.The Bengals rank in the bottom third in nearly every single success rate statistic as it relates to third-down defense. The Chiefs have an above-average third-down offense so far in 2018 and we could see the Bengals struggle to get off the field on third down repeatedly Sunday night.5. Defensive penaltiesThis one should be short and sweet:With the Bengals defense having so many penalty yards, penalties could be a big factor in tonight’s game.The Bengals defense has also allowed the eighth-most first downs by penalty in the NFL.The way I see this shaking out is the Bengals defense will commit a dirty or late hit here or there Authentic Justin Houston Jersey , and their defense may also be susceptible to pass interference calls. This will definitely be something I’ll be watching for tonight.So ends this week’s episode of chiefStats — what are your keys to the game?Sunday update: Andy Reid wants a four-man rotation at outside linebacker After reviewing the film of the Kansas City Chiefs’ 27-20 loss to the Chicago Bears, head coach Andy Reid had an opportunity to speak with the KC media on Sunday.Predictably, Reid was happy the Chiefs came out of the game healthy but did stress he needs to see the younger Chiefs play better. He also said they need to address the penalties, calling the game, “sloppy.”But the most interesting nugget we learned from Reid Sunday was his plan for the outside linebackers—that being Justin Houston, Dee Ford, Tanoh Kpassagnon and Breeland Speaks. Kpassagnon looked especially impressive Saturday.In a change from previous seasons, the Chiefs have been open to rotating the OLBs from side to side all throughout training camp and the preseason. But this feels new, too:“Inevitably, you’d like to have four guys here you can rotate,” Reid said. “That's what you'd like, so you keep guys fresh and fast. Especially if one of them is a rookie (Speaks) Youth Steven Nelson Jersey , I just think it’s important that they get play-time. I don’t want to sleght them at all. I know what the other two (Houston and Ford) can do. The other two are in pretty good shape right now. They’re coming out of this thing healthy, which is important, which has been an issue with both of them. They’re in a good position right now, and then the young guys got some reps that I think are so valuable right now.”The Chiefs have traditionally used two outside linebackers throughout full games, but this could be a smart change given the ages of Houston (29) and Ford (27) and their history of fragility.—Behind the outside linebackers, the Chiefs have been working in cornerback Orlando Scandrick over the past week. Scandrick looked a bit lost on Saturday afternoon, especially on the Bears’ touchdown throw to Kevin White. Reid is taking the development and adjustment of the 31-year-old Scandrick in stride.“Orlando actually did pretty good job—he had the one play where he got double-moved in the game,” he said. “I thought he practiced well and I thought he played well other than that play. Listen, he’s staying aggressive, so he made some other plays and got the quarterback drawn off of it just by being aggressive on it. He made a nice tackle downfield, opposite field, which was good. He’s getting used to this Allen Bailey Jersey , to the defense and all the calls and everything.“He’ll be fine I think.”The Chiefs will rest most of their starters when they play the Green Bay Packers in their final preseason game on Thursday night.Additional notesThe Chiefs first-teamers, who won’t play Thursday, will mostly focus on Week 1 against the Los Angeles Chargers this week. Reid added those playing in the game will cram for the Packers, giving them a final fair crack at making the roster.Reid wouldn’t reveal what the plan is with tight end Demetrius Harris, who will miss the Week 1 game due to suspension. You might see Harris in this game Thursday night when you probably otherwise wouldn’t in a different situation.Reid was grateful that the Bears threw many different defensive concepts at Patrick Mahomes, who Reid thought handled them well. “For a young quarterback, that experience is great. You want that.”Reid offered no additional updates on Allen Bailey, Eric Berry, Laurent Duvernay-Tardif or Steve Nelson.

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