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Broncos insist season isn’t lost despite depressing three-game losing skid The Broncos’ final play of the game against the Jets Sunday was the perfect metaphor for this season - so close but yet so far.From the three-yard line http://www.broncoscheapauthenticstore.com/brandon-marshall-jersey-cheap , Case Keenum threw an end zone pass to Courtland Sutton in a desperate attempt to score that was just short and instead landed in the hands of Marcus Maye, who returned it 104 yards.Sutton, who was not about to give up the touchdown points to his defender, chased Maye all 104 yards downfield, tackling him at the one and saving a pick-six.“I wasn’t about to let him score,” said the rookie wideout who snagged the Broncos’ first touchdown early in the game. “I did what I thought I had to do. I knew he was closing in on the end zone and had to figure out a way to get him down.”That is now John Elway, Vance Joseph and the rest of the team trying to run down a season that had promise of scoring and now is just hoping to chase one opponent down before it completely gets away.“We didn’t finish well. We didn’t finish well. We have too many long third downs, which stops drives, and once we get into the red zone, we haven’t been good,” said Vance Joseph with the understatement of the day. It’s the only thing the coach can say, of course, after losing in every phase of the game.“So again, we have to coach and play better. Case has to play better, all of us — it’s all of us,” the coach said. “We have to go back and regroup and play our best football next Sunday. That’s all we can do.”He’s not wrong. But it’s hard to believe even the players are buying their promises to play better.A dejected Von Miller knows his play is not up to standard.“I feel like it doesn’t matter what scheme you put me in, I’ll be able to be successful. These last couple of weeks, I just haven’t been able to do it,” said Miller who had a blocked pass and a tackle for a loss - but no sacks and not nearly enough pressures. “I have got to play better. I have to make plays for my teammates. I have to rush the passer better. I have to play the run better. I’m not doing anything too good right now.”Chris Harris Jr., who accounted for two of the defense’s eight blocked passes, is equally frustrated.“I’m a winner, I want to win more than anybody. I’m frustrated. But, it’s football. You have to rally the troops and get back in the win column,” he said. “We have too much talent to score only 16 points and give up 34.” Actually doing that seems to be the problem, but Harris Jr. is ready to play any scheme, any position to turn the defense around. Part of that might be reminding his fellow cornerback, Bradley Roby, how not to get torched while covering a wide receiver.“Too many big plays. We have to rally the troops and start from square one. We have to figure out who wants to be here and who wants to change this. I’m all in. I want to win,” he said. “I don’t care who we play. Whoever I have to guard, line them up, I’m ready to do my thing.”Derek Wolfe, who watched his first career interception go for naught after Keenum and the offense squandered good field position, did not hold back his frustration. Saying he is tired of “talking about the same shit the last two years,” Wolfe added that he has “already forgotten about this game” and the team won’t have trouble regrouping.“Absolutely we can Youth Connor McGovern Jersey ,” he said, noting great energy last week and to start the game. “We will watch the film and see what we did well, see what we did badly.”Tackling, for one. But coaching for another.While Joseph said the Broncos “are not there yet” for making any defensive coaching changes, there are clearly issues from the head coaches to the coordinators that are impacting the players’ performance.“We have to coach better so they can play better, but we pay our players to play also, so it’s not just coaching, it’s all of us involved,” Joseph said. “So I am not going to stand up here after a loss like that and start blaming our coaches or our players. It starts with me, and we have to coach and play better. Coaches coach and players play.”Again, Joseph is not wrong. But the inability to fix the player problems falls on coaching during the week and scheming during the game. When Roby can’t keep up with his man, something should change. When Case Keenum can’t get a third-down conversion on a pass, quit throwing the ball. The disconnect is costing the Broncos, preventing them from translating success in practice to scores and stops in the game.“Todd Bowles is known for rushing the passer and doing things to confuse quarterbacks and pass protections,” Keenum said about his performance. “There were a few new things, but it’s no excuse. I’ve got to do better identifying that stuff and getting the ball out on time. I pride myself on getting the ball out on time and there’s definitely some instances where I didn’t (today).”Keenum, known for his leadership on field and in the locker room, is going to have only a handful more opportunities to prove to his team that he can handle this role.Otherwise the promises from frustrated players at the podium now will be nothing more than hollow cliches in the near future.Thomas and Sutton still see hope.“You can’t be mad. You can’t be upset because you have a chance to go back and try to fix it, said Thomas, who had a 105-yard reception, two-touchdown game that didn’t matter. “It’s frustration because of the players and the guys you have around and the coaches that you go to work with week in and week out. You know what we can do and what we haven’t been able to do yet. It’s just a little frustration. You try to go out and fix it and be better next week.”For Sutton, it’s never giving up, just like his chasing down of Maye to prevent a meaningless six points for New York but a metaphorically crucial six for Denver.“The ‘Any Given Sunday’ mentality is a real thing. I think as soon as we figure out how to get that first win, we will flip that switch and have a good rest of the season,” he said. “But ultimately, we just have to come in and get back to work and figure out how to flip that switch. We have to switch it fast before it’s too late.”If the Broncos don’t want to watch their season run away down the sideline, they’d better find that “how to play/coach better” manual real quick. Happy Game Day, Broncos Country!It’s hard to know how to be a fan right now. After all, this Broncos team should be a lot better than it is. It should not be struggling to get a touchdown in the red zone. It should not be so one-dimensional in its run-versus-pass plays when the offense has the league’s highest yards-per-carry average. It should not get burned by running backs having record-setting games.But alas, this team is not better than that. And despite some obvious fixes, coaches continue to stay on the same destructive path.So I get it. It’s hard to hope for meaningless wins if it’s going to result in a mediocre W-L record and therefore a mediocre draft selection.But at the same time, who wants to cheer for our favorite players to lose or play badly? Not me.But with our Broncos hauling a pathetic 2-4 record into Arizona, we are trying to figure out the proper cheering approach to this game:No. We do none of those.Instead, we play Bingo! .... Because if there’s one way to enjoy a game no matter the performance or the outcome Cheap Courtland Sutton Jersey , it’s playing Bingo! - where good and bad results can mean a win!So now when the Broncos get two holding penalties in a row to set up a 3rd-and-30 and Case Keenum gets sacked, do we get mad? No way! Because that means we just got two squares to check off on our Bingo card!And when Demaryius Thomas scores a touchdown but David Johnson runs for 25 yards on the Cardinals’ first play of the next possession, do we turn off the TV and refuse to watch?Absolutely not! Then we’d have no idea that we just got three squares with that trifecta. And how would we ever know who won Bingo if we stopped watching?!?No. Tonight’s game is no time to be apathetic. There’s too much at stake. We have to check off that box if Bradley Chubb gets a sack and then Rosen throws a pick-six.Of course, you are free to keep throwing things at the TV and shout obscenities because a ref missed a pass interference call that negates a first down or because the offense once again abandoned the run after just four plays. Yep, those reactions are definitely working and making this season better for the Broncos.Or...you can join me in cheering the good plays and hoping the last box to check off for a win is the team actually “kicking the Cardinals’ asses.”Bingo!Horse Tracks - docllv pick of the dayWay Back When: The Broncos' Thursday-night historyJim Saccomano gives a you brief rundown of the Broncos' history with the TNF game.鈻?Podcast 1st and 10 (hour 1)| SpreakerRyan Edwards, Steve Atwater and Andrew Mason get fired up over Von Miller's "kick their asses" comment on Tuesday - and it reminds them of one of the greatest lines of "Major League." It's enjoyable.Horse TracksJohn Elway implores Denver Broncos to have 'fighting for our lives' mentalityJohn Elway criticized the Broncos' mistakes and attitudes in their loss to the Rams, saying on Monday there isn't a "magic switch" to dig the team out of their current situation.Peyton Manning breaks down Josh Rosen's Vikings game on "Detail" with Kobe BryantIf only the Broncos could WATCH this before they play!Cardinals Film Room: Chandler Jones, Budda Baker Make A SplashBreaking down the Cardinals' defensive touchdown against the Vikings.Josh Rosen finds his balance between rookie status and starting QBArizona Cardinals Home: The official source of the latest Cardinals headlines, news, videos, photos, tickets, rosters and game day information.Andrea Kremer, Hannah Storm to bring new voice to Broncos' "Thursday Night Football" matchupThe two highly respected broadcasters answered questions about the Amazon Prime broadcast, how their preparation has changed and what they expect from the Broncos on Thursday.Klis List: How the Broncos can win one for the Vancer | 9news.comIf the Broncos don’t beat the Arizona Cardinals, they might never win again, in particularly on the road.Arizona Cardinals’ Larry Fitzgerald and Mike McCoy - Revenge of the BirdsThis is the first time in Larry Fitzgerald’s fabled career that he has not caught a TD pass in 6 games. After the Cardinals’ 27-17 loss in Minnesota, Fitz’s father tweeted his frustration.Case Keenum focuses on continued improvement as sense of urgency increases against CardinalsWith a short week and a four-game losing streak, Keenum wants to carry over some positive signs to Arizona.Denver Broncos in desperate need of change on defense | NBC SportsJohn Elway called the Broncos defense soft after another poor performance against the Rams, highlighting Denver's desperate need for change.Arizona Cardinals run up the middle more than any team in the NFL - Revenge of the BirdsThe Arizona Cardinals don’t run the ball much, but when they do it is up the middle.Jordan Taylor thrilled to return to practice after nearly 10 months recovering from hip surgeryThe Broncos have three weeks to decide if Jordan Taylor is healthy enough to activate from the PUP list.Legend Larry's Career - Revenge of the BirdsWe've all seen the 2018 Cardinals, and well, there is much to speculate about for the upcoming offseason. One such speculation is that, as with the last few years, this will be the final...Gronk? Kelce? Right now, NFL's top tight end may be Zach Ertz - Philadelphia Eagles Blog- ESPNThe Eagles star may not get the attention of some of his peers, but his numbers are making a strong case for him as the best tight end.2018 NFL experts predict - Week 7 upset picks, fantasy flops, sleepers and moreOdds the Chargers can catch the Chiefs? Over/under 9.5 more starts for Eli this year? That and more from our crew of experts.NFL plans no change to national anthem policy, at least through season and perhaps longer - The Washington PostOne owner called the lack of focus on the anthem controversy at this meeting “refreshing.”Jon Gruden's very bad week, from ESPN criticism to IsGrudenGoneYet - The Washington PostThe latest indignity for Jon Gruden? ESPN ranks Jay Gruden as the better coach.

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