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Stock up Pharoh Cooper Jersey 2019 , stock down following the Arizona Cardinals vs. Denver Broncos preseason finale Stock Up: Mike GlennonThe starter for tonight’s game finished with 69 yards and a touchdown and looked like the solid backup quarterback that Arizona signed him to be in the fourth game.He took a few sacks but was in control of the offense and threw a dime of a pass for 26 yards to Trent Sherfield to get them into the redzone in the first half.If he’s not on the roster after cuts, it’ll be stunning given his NFL experience and the need for a veteran given Sam Bradford’s health concerns.Stock Down: Charles “Chad” KanoffTo be fair, I was tempted to put Kanoff’s stock up because his strengths in reading the field, delivering strong accurate downfield strikes and his poise in the pocket all showed up tonight.And I lost count of how many drops he had last night.But...he still took a bad sack for a fumble and on third down seemed to not be on the same page as his receivers and if he was going to make the final 53 he’d have had to not only be flawless but also see Mike Glennon wholly implode.He still seems to have a future in the league, though, and I’d expect that Arizona will like him enough to try to sign him to the practice squad.Stock Up: Zeke TurnerTurner had his coming out party tonight.He finished with 11 solo tackles, 1 sack, one tackle for loss and looked like a monster at linebacker.That’s right.Linebacker.Steve Keim confirmed in interview that Turner is making the same type of transition from safety to in the box linebacker and he seems to be a natural there and provides depth to a linebacker corp that sorely needs it given that they have very little depth behind their starters.He’s been a long-time thought to make the 53 for his special teams.Tonight he proved it with his defensive play.Stock Down: Cap CapiIf Turner exploded, Cap Capi was lacking in impact tonight. The fan favorite ended up with a few pressures and an almost sack that was nullified by a head-to-head penalty from another player but he still got pushed around in the run game and wasn’t the all-consuming force he’s seemed to have been at times.He’s got skills and maybe AZ puts him on the practice squad but the world-beater we’ve seen in the past preseasons wasn’t there tonight.Stock Up: Jacquizz SmithSmith received praise from GM Steve Keim as well as got an interception of Broncos QB Chad Kelly on a heads-up play...as a defensive end, no less!He might be a guy who seems to make the roster until we figure out what’s going on with Markus Golden but he’s looked good throughout camp as well.Stock Down: Dennis GardeckGardeck is an athletic freak who had a hustle play from one side of the field to another and has been a great story throughout camp.But a few missed tackles and some lacking areas and I don’t think he’s ready for the limelight just yet.If he had gotten that interception maybe I’d feel a bit differently but for now he seems set to head to the practice squad.Stock Up: Brandon WilliamsYou might be like “Huh?”Well Williams returned kicks late tonight and was solid in the tackling game which means he’s probably got a spot on the roster ahead of Campbell for the special teams play.He’s not going to be in AZ’s long-term plans at Corner and he was not the most impressive guy on the field but he fills a need and a hole on the roster behind Logan in case T.J. gets hurt without having to put a starter back there or a guy who hasn’t got some experience with that.How long he’ll hold onto that roster spot, though, remains to be seen.Stock Down: Chris CampbellCampbell was basically invisible on the night outside of getting beaten for a pass and overall hasn’t made the impact that most expected him to have.He struggled a bit in tackling and probably isn’t going to make the roster now that Brandon Williams as a kick returner has happened.But, for a team in need for CB’s he might definitely get picked up by another team or end up on a practice squad.Stock Up: Trent SherfieldSherfield was solid on special teams when he played and separated to catch a dime of a pass from Mike Glennon and even got some yards after the catch.His spot on the roster is probably the safest of Brice Butler, Greg Little and J.J. Nelson, and he proved that tonight.Stock Down: J.J. NelsonGreg Little caught a touchdown.Brice Butler got back and played and blocked well on Greg Little’s touchdown.Nelson started in the game and didn’t really do anything.I wouldn’t have noticed him if not for the fact that he was listed as a starter.It really does feel like this might be the last that we see of J.J. in a Cards uniform.We’ll see if that’s true or not soon enough.Honorable Mention: A.J. Howard & Elijhaa PennyPenny’s making this roster.Howard made a big push to get on it tonight even if he got burned on a touchdown to a tight end with a physical impression, including knocking a ball free that was ruled an incomplete catch instead of a turnover.Both are gritty, physical players with versatility, especially Penny who was making it happen as a running back in addition to being a fullback tonight.They both are also solid special teams players as well so don’t be surprised if one or both make the team and the other heads back to the practice squad as both are eligible.Dishonorable Mention: The defense as a wholeOnly one turnover forced and while normally you’d call that a good thing, expectations have been a bit Andy Isabella Arizona Cardinals Jersey , uh, higher for the Cardinals over this preseason given that they have been averaging almost 1.5 turnovers a quarter before this past game.Steve Wilks called the effort “sloppy” and the defense certainly looked like that at times.Chad Kelly had ups and downs but still managed to connect, Paxton Lynch looked good enough to where he basically passed at will against Arizona’s 2nd string players and the Denver running backs ran over Arizona at times, especially in the second half.To sum up:It’s thankfully, just preseason though and after going 3-1 and not the “dreaded” 4-0, the guys who were expected to make the roster for the most part all stepped up tonight, while many who were on the bubble fell off, meaning that while there will always be tough decisions to make, at least some of them will be a little easier for Steve Keim after all.You can follow @blakemurphy7 on Twitter. Now the 2018 Chicago Bears will find out how they handle success.After a close loss to Green Bay, the Bears got a nice win over Seattle. Now they face an Arizona team that's been outscored 58-6 in the Cardinals' first 0-2 start since 2005.It's a game Chicago is supposed to win, maybe even dominate."Just like last week when it was coming off a difficult loss, now the team is feeling good in the fact that we got a win," s first-year coach Matt Nagy said. "Sometimes when you have that, with bad teams, complacency sinks in. That's not what we want. We want our guys to continue to stay hungry, to realize how important it is to stack wins on top of each other."Arizona, under first-year coach Steve Wilks, is at the bottom of the league offensively and near the bottom defensively.To try to boost an offense that got past midfield once — on the next-to-last play of the game — in last week's 34-0 drubbing by the Rams in Los Angeles, Wilks and offensive coordinator Mike McCoy say they've scaled down the game plan Andy Isabella Jersey 2019 , simplified things. They also say they want to get the ball to David Johnson more often.While Chicago quarterback Mitchell Trubisky has been inconsistent, Arizona's Sam Bradford has been mostly bad, struggling with his accuracy, usually a strength in his game."Sam is known to be able to put the ball where it needs to be," Wilks said. "Regardless of why, we need to try to make sure we correct that moving forward. Is it the line? Is it just him? Is it the receivers? Again, everybody has a hand in it. Everybody's working on their craft, trying to correct it."Here are some things to consider when the Bears visit Arizona.MACK'S IMPACTNow Bradford, Johnson and the rest of the beleaguered offense must deal with Khalil Mack, who has two strip sacks and returned an interception for a touchdown in his two games since joining the Bears."You just turn the film on, you can see it," Wilks said. "He's doing some great things: a sack/fumble, interceptions for touchdowns, you name it. So, you've got to make sure you try to slow him down, neutralize him a little bit. I don't know if you can stop him, but we're going to do a great job of trying to create some things and hopefully we can try to slow him down a little bit."UP-AND-DOWN TRUBISKYTrubisky has had some great moments and some that weren't so great. He completed 25 of 34 passes for 200 yards and two touchdowns against the Seahawks, but had two intercepted.Trubisky said it's a matter of making progress."I'm just trying to enjoy every single day you have to come out, practice and play with your teammates Stitched Jermaine Gresham Jersey , develop great relationships and just continue to get better and better," he said, "and when things go wrong, you just go back that it's part of the process. There is going be ups and downs. You've got to celebrate the small victories. There is going to progress along the way, but there is also going to be setbacks. It's all about just staying positive and keeping your head down and staying on track."CARDINALS QBWhile Wilks is sticking with Bradford at quarterback, Arizona's supposed franchise quarterback of the future is waiting in the wings.Arizona moved up in the draft to pick Josh Rosen at No. 10 overall with the idea he'd learn by watching Bradford this season. But the Cardinals' offensive woes could wipe out that timeline."Sam, right now, is the quarterback, as I've stated before," Wilks said. "I don't think it's just the quarterback position. I think we have some issues across the board in all three phases, and we're working on those issues. I think we've done a great job of trying to correct those issues, starting with trying to simplify things with the game plan, allowing guys to play fast."BOOED AT HOMETo try to motivate his team, Wilks played audio of the home crowd booing the Cardinals in their opener. Cornerback Patrick Peterson called the booing "an embarrassment." Wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald seemed to think they were understandable."We can't play any worse than we did the last two weeks," he said. "All you can go is up."HELP ARRIVESArizona should have the services of tight end Jermaine Gresham and defensive end Markus Golden for the first time this season. Both were recovering from significant surgeries, Gresham's to repair a torn Achilles tendon, Golden a torn ACL.Both would be significant contributors if healthy.

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