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From time to time the Steelers play

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From time to time the Steelers play at Heinz Field Doug Martin Jersey , in order to fire up the fan base at the start of the fourth quarter. But the true renegade franchise always has been the Raiders, and their trade for Antonio Brown could be only the first act of pilfering Pittsburgh’s roster.When free agency starts on Wednesday — or, more accurately, when the legal tampering window opens on Monday — the Raiders could try to sign running back Le'Veon Bell.Rumors and speculation that the Raiders, who are slated to exit Oakland after this season and enter Las Vegas in 2020, could pursue Bell have percolated for months. Given that he’ll be hitting the open market unrestricted and unfettered, the Raiders could get him for no trade compensation.While that would close the door on a Marshawn Lynch return, Oakland residents would surely excuse the Raiders for slamming the door a man who has become synonymous with the town that the Raiders will soon be leaving. The mantra remains “Just Win, Baby,” and the Raiders didn’t do much of that with Marshawn on the roster. With Brown and Bell, they could do plenty.And here’s one semi-tangible clue as to where this could go. Our buddy Dov Kleiman has pointed out that Raiders quarterback Derek Carr has begun following Bell on Twitter.While it doesn’t mean much Rashaan Melvin Jersey , it’s intriguing — and it could be a sign of things to come. Quickly. The 49ers will see Khalil Mack up close on Sunday when they take on the Bears, but they thought four months ago that they were in a position to put Mack in a 49ers uniform — and the Raiders probably wish that was the trade they had made.As 49ers General Manager John Lynch explained last month, he tried hard to acquire Mack in a trade with the Raiders. Lynch actually said the offer he made was better than the offer the Bears made, but the Raiders went with the Bears’ offer. Lynch wondered if the Raiders didn’t want to trade Mack to the Bay Area’s other NFL team.That might have been a consideration, but a bigger issue was probably that the Raiders didn’t really see the 49ers’ offer as better than the Bears’ offer. Lynch didn’t say exactly what the 49ers offered for Mack, but assuming it was approximately the same package of draft picks that the Bears ended up giving the Raiders, it’s possible that the Raiders turned the 49ers down simply because the Raiders expected the Bears to be picking higher in the draft order.And, at the time, that would have been a reasonable assumption. In August, before the Mack trade, the Las Vegas odds pegged the Bears as a 6-10 or 7-9 team this season Marcus Gilchrist Jersey , and the 49ers as an 8-8 or 9-7 team this season. It was reasonable for the Raiders to think that if both the Bears and the 49ers were offering their first-round draft picks, the Bears’ offer was better.That turned out to be very wrong: The 49ers are 4-10 and still in contention for the first overall pick in the draft, while the Bears are 10-4 and will send the Raiders a pick no higher than No. 21, and probably more likely in the high 20s or even the 30s. Of course, we can never say for sure what would have happened if the Raiders had traded Mack to the 49ers (the 49ers may have won more games, and the Bears may have won fewer games), but it’s unlikely that Mack would have made such a big difference as to turn the 49ers into a playoff team and the Bears into a team vying for the first overall pick.So when Mack lines up against the 49ers on Sunday, Lynch won’t be the only one wondering what might have been. Jon Gruden may also see that game and wonder if his team would be in better shape going forward if he’d traded Mack to San Francisco instead of Chicago.

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