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My No Bull thoughts on all the hype leading up

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to the Broncos’ 2019 draft."WhiteFanposts Fanshots Sections Broncos NewsBroncos 2019 Draft ClassBroncos PodcastsBroncos 2019 ScheduleKey Offseason DatesCommunity RulesFull ArchiveBroncos StoriesScheduleRosterStatsOdds Shop About Masthead Community Guidelines StubHub ✕Denver Broncos 2019 DraftThe Broncos Shelby Harris Jersey , Chris Harris, Jr drama, and the 2019 NFL Draft: The No Bull ReviewNew,54commentsMy No Bull thoughts on all the hype leading up to the Broncos’ 2019 draft. The Broncos, Chris Harris, Jr drama, and the 2019 NFL Draft: The No Bull Review@COPYRIGHT 2019 K-STATE ATHLETICS.I honestly can’t remember ever being as excited for a draft as I am for this one. We saw wild success last year with what the Broncos did. The Broncos have a top 10 pick to boot. The Broncos have a new coach who actually has NFL chops in the modern age of NFL football and are going to architect a new offense from the ground up.It is going to be a wild ride and probably my favorite thing about this year’s draft is that more so than any other year, I can really see Denver doing almost anything. The team has been fairly predictable year to year especially in the first round. This year seems different.One last talk about team needsFeel free to check out my post about the team needs during free agency. Let’s pick up there and move on with what to expect out of the draft.The Broncos honestly have set them well in almost every area of the team leading into this draft and have players ready to compete in every personnel grouping other than inside line backer. This has been a key point for Elway’s tenure as GM. He always tries to have as few needs as possible heading into the draft and 2019 is no exception.The Inside Linebacker position is one that is the biggest deal to me. I have said for a couple of years now that the Broncos need help in this area and they didn’t address it in free agency which leads me to think that it will be addressed in this year’s draft with one of their top 3 picks.The other need I think the team may have to address is tight end. They way it has been treated I honestly wonder if the team is still holding onto hope that they can make something out of the guys they have now...I just don’t see it though. I think tight end is a position to covet for the team if I were the GM.But what will they likely go after?The latest hype about the Broncos at pick 10 is that they will go after Bush out of Michigan and I honestly don’t think that’s at all unrealistic. The other big hype we’ve heard a lot about is Dalton Risner. He’s an intriguing guy and a player that the Broncos very obviously love. I don’t think he’s a pick you make at 10, but if the Broncos do find a favorable trade back I’m sure that this is a name we might see a bit later in the 1st round.Keep an eye on falling QBs as always. No one seems to be very crazy about this year’s class, but I honestly feel like if Haskins falls to the Broncos at 10 or Lock falls further, the Broncos will be interested.I don’t see that scenario as very likely at all, just one that is super interesting to us as fans.The last point I’ll make is to watch out for the Broncos spending a high pick on a corner in this draft. If that happens, you can honestly kiss Bronco Country’s favorite slot corner of all time in the Orange and Blue goodbye.Speaking of Chris Harris, Jr.What a both intriguing and irritating situation we have brewing with the Broncos and CHJ. Remember when this started becoming a thing, I gave a fairly sound overview of both sides of the issue. Now we’ve seen this week Elway kind of honestly dissing the situation which led CHJ to demand a raise or trade.My gut says this is all again just part of the game and is no big deal, but I’ve honestly never been a fan of players doing this by leaking hot take tweets in the media. I get it...it is a solid way to send a message...but for the team and the situation I’m not sure how much this helps CHJ as a player. The big problem here is that by dragging the issue out in the public this way, it hurts the ability of the Broncos to get trade value out of the player. So sure, good on you for standing up for yourself. I’ve already said I like the move Chris made to skip the workout sessions. But I think this move goes a bit far. I think it smacks of a butt hurt agent more than anything and isn’t something that is going to help Chris get the best situation he can get.Also, it is very fair to say Elway’s comment on the question in his press conference sounded quite a bit back-handed to me and was very unnecessary. This whole “demanding a trade / raise” issue is something that I see as a direct result of how Elway answered the question.Finally, let me wrap up the CHJ talk by saying that no one in Broncos Country should give two hoots about anyone on any site (including MHR) that talks about how old CHJ is or that he’s an injury risk because of last year. He was back on his feet playing at the Pro Bowl in 4 weeks after his fracture. He’s one of the best technicians at corner that the NFL has ever seen...and many greats have played well into their 30’s.I get it...the player isn’t acting the way some of us would like. But let’s not let our feelings get in the way of reality. Whatever happens...if he gets signed and stays in the beloved Orange and Blue for his whole career or if he gets traded, the guy is one of the NFL’s premier players.Final ThoughtsI hope all of you out there in Broncos Country have a great time with the draft the next few days. I love this stuff...hope springs eternal and every guy we pick is going to be the next Phillip Lindsay or Bradley Chubb. I look forward to reviewing our draft picks this week end after the dust settles and talking more Bronco football with you all as we ramp up for the 2019 NFL season.Cheers to all of you out there in Broncos Country! In a completely meaningless AFC West divisional game between two teams fighting for 2019 NFL Draft position, the Denver Broncos will be on the road against the Oakland Raiders on Christmas Eve Monday Night Football. Despite a recent poll showing fans hoping for a Broncos loss to the Raiders, most of us on Mile High Report are thinking Broncos 23-19 win to crush the Raiders fans hopes and dreams of one final win in Oakland.Here is how we predicting things to go individually.Raiders 23, Broncos 13In a fitting end to the Vance Joseph tenure as the head coach of the Broncos, they get rolled on the road against the franchises most hated rival. The one good thing will be that the Raiders will hurt their 2019 NFL Draft position by winning this game. In April, I’ll celebrate this. In December, I’ll loathe it. Screw the Raiders. - Tim LynchRaiders 27 Peyton Manning Jersey , Broncos 20Rah Rah Rah, “we’re not the Raiders” rah rah rah “we can’t lose to the Raiders” rah rah rah yackity smackity. Whatever. Keep that rah rah rah garbage for your kid’s soccer game. This is professional football and sometimes the better team loses. Sometimes the home team wins. Sometimes teams have other teams’ numbers. Sometimes you’re pumped and amped up and you step in a puddle of mud outside the tunnel with the away crowd roaring and you just think “yep, we’re gonna lose.” And sometimes the less talented team simply has extra emotion and motivation to win. The Broncos are stepping into a meat grinder. The Raiders know this is likely their last game in that stadium ever! That’s powerful. That’s “Win one for the Gipper” “Ray Lewis’ swan song” “This one’s for John” and “This one’s for Pat” level motivation! Sorry Broncos faithful, but sometimes those motivational and emotional moments override the otherwise more talented team. I know the Broncos are better and I know our fans are better. I know this hurts and stings and I’ll get ridiculed for it, but the good guy doesn’t always win! Sometimes the good guy loses, and this is one of those times. Throw all stats and quips out the window. Throw out the history and the snark. The Raiders are playing for the last time in Oakland and in front of their fans. That overrides it all. I hate to say it, but this game is a loss for the Broncos, which is a win for the team going into 2019. Like Obe-Wan Kinoi said “You can’t win Darth, strike me down and I’ll become more powerful then you can possibly imagine.” Strike us down Raiders, because we’ll be even more powerful because of the higher draft pick than this win in front of your trash heap stadium and crowd could possibly mean. - Pete Baron Broncos 27, Raiders 16Pete forgets something very important... the Raiders are a No Good, Very Bad team. They’re horrible this year, having traded 2/3 of their best players & drug the others through the muck (literally, any time they play at that sorry excuse for a home stadium they’re leaving) until they’re pretty much broken. I mean, come on. The Bengals team the Broncos dominated earlier this season just beat them 30-16. And 2 of their paltry 3 wins are against the other 2 of the 3 worst teams in the NFL. But, hey, every dog has his day, right? Well, the Raiders already had theirs when they beat a Steelers team already reeling from consecutive losses to the Broncos and Chargers. I think the Broncos take this chance to show off a bit of that bright 2019 Von Miller is talking about & give us a nice Christmas gift by ruining the Oakland faithful’s final memory of their team playing at home. - Taylor KotheBroncos 27, Raiders 17I was born and raised to do two things: Be a fan of the Broncos and hate the Raiders. Even if I think Denver will lose in Oakland, I’ll never predict it. So what better way to send that joke of a franchise to Las Vegas than on a beautiful loss? - Ian St. ClairBroncos 23, Raiders 17The Oakland fans can pound sand and die in a hole. I look forward to their sweet, delicious tears as they weep over their lost “franchise” while 1/2 their stands are tarped because their fan base can’t fill the seats. Those pathetic fans deserve to lose more than this Bronco team deserves to win. Both teams at the end of the day are poorly executed 2018 NFL franchises. I’ll toast this win for the Broncos because Oakland sucks. If the Broncos lose, no big deal. Oakland still sucks and is losing their team and we get a better draft pick. It is a win-win for the Broncos this Christmas Eve. - SadaraineBroncos 27, Raiders 13It’s Raider week. I don’t care what is happening around the franchise. Ownership issues. Coach issues. Players hurt. Doesn’t matter. There is one team each year that the Broncos have to be up for, no matter what. And the added pleasure of sending the Raiders out of Oakland on a big fat L has to be the biggest incentive. Denver will win this game based on all that alone. - Adam MalnatiGive us your score predictions in the comments section below.

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