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Can you imagine letting a toddler run along the edge of a mountain? Would you leave your elderly grandparent who suffers from dementia alone on a bench in the hot sun? Would you let your mom whose eyesight is failing Cheap Air Max Thea Black White Shoes UK , walk around the edge of your pool? Of course not!

However, many loving pet owners make the same mistakes with their elderly dogs. As a dog ages his eyesight fails along with his mind and energy. Things that were easy for him to navigate such as the edge of a hill or a walk through the woods are now extremely difficult. He can't always see the edge of a pool or cliff and his joints won't allow him to recover from a misstep as easily as when he was a young pup. Older dogs, like elderly people Men's Nike Air Max 2018.5 Black UK , tend to be more susceptible to heat and need to be kept comfortable during extremely hot days.

Here are a few reminders of what are dangers to your older pet and some ideas on how to keep them safe.

Daily Walk Safety

Retractable leashes are a great way to let your dog run a bit without getting away from you. Many older dogs get a little "puppy" in them and they will take-off running only to get into trouble because they can no longer see you very well or hear your commands. Some older dogs also develop dementia and cannot sense danger. They need to be kept from wandering too far. A retractable leash will keep you in control but allow your dog the ability to roam.

Flashing safety collars or bright safety vests are also a great way to keep your dog visible to you and others. The collars can be seen up to one mile away and the vests are reflective. If your dog does wander off during his nighttime business, your dog will be less likely to be hit by a car and he will be easier for you to locate.

Water Safety

Accidental drowning is a major problem for older dogs. Many older dogs develop cataracts because they are no longer able to determine the edge of the pool. Once in the pool, they often do not have the energy to swim long enough to be noticed Men's Nike Air Max 90 KJCRD ICE QS Black Grey Red UK , nor the strength and agility to jump out. There are several options to keep your dog safe. There are pool alarms designed to float on the water and react to motion in the water. Another alarm attaches to your dogs collar and sounds if they fall in to the water. There are also life vests for dogs which are great for boating or when your dog is around a lake or river.

Extreme Temperatures

No dog is comfortable in extremely hot or cold weather but again, just as elderly adults are more vulnerable to the excessive temperatures, it can also be deadly for your dog. Keep them in air conditioning as much as possible on extremely warm days. Make certain that they have access to plenty of water. Avoid taking your dog in the car with you if you cannot bring him inside at your destination. If your dog is long-haired or tends to be easily overheated Women's Air Max 90 Zoom IT Golf Black White Infrared , consider a cooling bed or collar.

In the extreme cold, make the outdoor visits as brief as possible. Remember, dogs can get frostbite on their paws and noses. Outdoor dogs need to be brought in from the cold when the temperatures are significantly below zero.

Car Rides

Your dog might still love to ride with you in the car but now his safety is more important than ever. Getting your beloved pooch into the car can be a challenge. Arthritis can mean his jumping-in-to-the-backseat day are over! Ramps are available to help your dog into his co-pilot chair. There is also a lifting aid that will wrap comfortably around his middle to give you a way to assist him into the car. Remember Women's Air Max 90 Woven Light Pink UK , his balance is not as good as when he was younger so consider a seat belt harness to keep him from falling off the seat.

Household Dangers

It is as important as ever to keep your dog away from any plants, foods, or poisons that are toxic to canines. As dogs age Women's Air Max 90 Premium SE Pink White UK , their systems won't be able to tolerate the damage from the poison or the treatment.

ASPCA is warning dog owners the newly discovered danger posed by is grapes and raisins. These fruits have been used as a training treat for dogs, but have been recently found to cause renal failure if eaten in large doses. If your older pet was trained using grapes and raisins or you have used these fruits as treats for your dog, he may have developed a taste for them. You will need to store grapes and raisins where your dog cannot get into them. Of the 10 dogs that were reported poisoned by overeating grapesraisins Nike Air Max 90 Ultra 2.0 Essential Triple Black UK , only 5 survived. And that was with early, aggressive treatment. An older dog would not have much of a chance of survival from an accidental poisioning. Please visit the ASCPA Animal Poison Control Center Website, for addition information.

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