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confidence: (That’s six percent of fans confident in the team’s direction).As a result of panic in Dallas, they are actually pic

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The Lions want to make peace with receiver Calvin Johnson. There’s only one way to do it.Make money appear in Johnson’s bank account.“They already know what they got to do Sam Martin Jersey White ,” Johnson told Dave Birkett of the on Saturday. “The only way they’re going to get me back is they put that money back in my pocket. Nah, you don’t do that. I don’t care what they say. They can put it back, then they can have me back. That’s the bottom line.”The Lions required Johnson to reimburse the team for a portion of the signing bonus money that he hadn’t earned before retiring three years ago. The specific amount has been the subject of conflicting reports and accounts, but it’s currently believed that, of the $3.2 million that Johnson had not earned in signing bonus money, he paid back at least $1 million.Whatever the specific amount on the check written by Johnson to the Lions T.J. Jones Jersey , Johnson clearly wants that same amount written on a check made out to him before he’ll make nice with the team. Until that happens, Johnson believes there’s nothing to discuss.“I ain’t talked to [team president] Rod [Wood],” Johnson said. “I don’t even want to talk about that. I don’t have no reason to talk about that. I don’t even talk about the Lions. I mean, I talk to my Lions that came out here to help me out today. . . . I appreciate them so much for that. Just hope to keep those kind of relationships rolling for in the future because these kids, man, they take so much from that.”Although a signing bonus constitutes advance payment for future services to be rendered A'Shawn Robinson Jersey White , the circumstances surrounding Johnson’s departure from the team suggest that the Lions would have cut Johnson before his cap number spiked to $24 million in March 2016. In hindsight, the smart move for Johnson would have been not to retire but to force the team to choose between carrying the cap number or cutting him. Alternatively, Johnson’s agent to negotiate a deal with the Lions that would have given them the cap relief they needed while also waiving their right to seek bonus money.Regardless of what happened in the past, it’s now clear what the Lions need to do if they hope to make amends with the best receiver in franchise history. And the easiest way to do that (since there’s no salary cap for non-players) would be to hire him as a team ambassador, and to pay him for the first year the money that was recovered, along with maybe a little more.Cowboys fans are panicking Womens DeShawn Shead Jersey , think Lions will win on Sunday It’s not often that the opposing fanbase thinks a Detroit Lions team with a losing record is going to beat their own on any given week. However, that’s exactly what’s happening in Week 4 as the Lions head to Dallas as a three-point underdog to face the Cowboys.Coming off a two-possession win over the Patriots, it’s no surprise that Lions fans are feeling pretty confident about the team, despite the poor performances over the first two weeks. We already knew that they saw the biggest boost in confidence this week, but they’re feeling pretty bold for this week. According to our FanPulse survey, the average Lions fan expects a six-point win for the away team.Cowboys fans Christian Jones Jersey , however, are hurting after their decisive loss to the Seahawks last week. Just look at the team’s plummeting confidence: (That’s six percent of fans confident in the team’s direction).As a result of panic in Dallas, they are actually picking the 1-2 Lions—road underdogs—to come out victorious on Sunday. Blogging the Boys FanPulse results indicate that the average Cowboys fan thinks the Lions will win by a single point. It’s a pretty wild turn of events considering where each team’s fan base was last week. Entering Week 3, the Cowboys had a confidence level at 49 percent, while Detroit fans were just at 18. It just goes to show you how reactionary all NFL fanbases can be, especially this early in the season. Who knows where we’ll be a week from now?Want to be a part of these weekly surveys? Join SB Nation’s FanPulse Womens Michael Roberts Jersey , a survey of fans across the NFL powered by SurveyMonkey. Each week, we send 32 polls to 100+ plugged in fans from each team. Lions fans, sign up HERE to join FanPulse.

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