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Grieving Children Family Articles | December 9 Wholesale Mens Air Max , 2004
While it is my belief that death is just one more ... to seek growth and soul ... in our current physical forms, losing a loved one is never easy. Our family has ... its fair sh

While it is my belief that death is just one more experience to seek growth and soul development in our current physical forms Wholesale Womens Air Max , losing a loved one is never easy. Our family has experienced its fair share of grief in the past few years. We?ve lost my sister-in-law (my daughters? aunt), a beloved uncle and a cherished pet Wholesale Air Max Clearance , to name just a few.

I try to reassure my daughters that a loved one who has moved on is safe and happy, however Wholesale Air Max Discount , we still need to grieve and accept the inevitable feelings of loss and sadness. Loved ones will be missed. Opportunities to share life and experiences will have been cut short. They know that it?s OK to feel sad and to cry. As soon as possible after the initial shock and sadness over losing a cherished one has passed, I try to bring happy memories of the person back into our lives. It?s important to remember the love and lessons we?ve learned from them with joy in our hearts and with respect for the time we?ve had to share our lives in their company.

I tell my daughters that they can talk to the person who has passed on any time they feel like it. That person will now always be available to listen. We will still feel love for our missed relative or pet and we include the departed soul in our prayers until it feels right to let them go. We ask that they are well taken care of and loved as much as we love them. This helps ease their anxiety of the unknown and allows them to feel that their loved one is in some way protected from whatever they might imagine exists ?out there.?

I?m sure Wholesale Air Max China , among our readers, religious and spiritual beliefs are many and varied. It is our responsibility to help our children understand that the unknown is not a scary place and to feel secure in life?s mysteries. Even if you feel there is ?nothing? after this life Wholesale Nike Air Max Shoes , children will benefit by assurances that they and their loved ones have a purpose for being.

As parents, we will be challenged to guide our kids through a myriad of life?s ups and downs. If we respect their limited understanding of the issues and guide their thoughts with a loving heart and acceptance of each aspect of life Wholesale Air Max Shoes , no matter how difficult, we?ve done the best we can under sometimes-extreme circumstances. Car insurance and other types of policies are an important element of your financial planning. These various policies protect you financially from unforeseen losses. There are a lot of technical terms and concepts involved in this subject. Be that as it may Wholesale Max Shoes , having a good understanding of this issue will protect you from unforeseen losses.

The types of policy that are important are auto, home Wholesale Nike Air Max , health, and disability. These are the policies that are important to have. The purpose of these policies are to protect you financially. Without this protection you could be wiped out financially and forced into bankruptcy. When selecting and structuring these policies it is suggested that you use the expertise of an experienced and skilled broker.

Too many people do not understand the real purpose of an auto policy. While you can purchase a policy that will help you pay for damage to your car Wholesale Air Max , the primary purpose is to protect you if you are sued for causing damage in an accident. If you have an accident and are at fault you can be sued for the damage you caused. The amount of damages could wipe you out financially. An auto policy will protect you from that. It is called liability protection.

Most states require car owners to carry a liability policy. Provisions like collision and comprehensive are optional. It is the liability provision that is most important because it protects you from a lawsuit that could force you into bankruptcy and which could ruin you financially. An uninsured driver rider will protect you if you get into an accident with someone who does not have liability coverage.

A life policy offers protection of another kind. This type of policy protects your family in the event of that family's breadwinner dies. The death benefit is intended to replace the income of the breadwinner. Have a good life policy is an important part of a family's financial plan. Every family ought to have

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