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Cowboys offensive line not ready for the

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season-opener Youth Deonte Thompson Jersey , need dramatic improvement in Week 2 If the Dallas Cowboys were hoping to show the world their revamped offense would be a force, they certainly came up short in the season-opener. The Cowboys offense was non-existent through most of the game, losing to the Carolina Panthers 16-8. In a game where the defense had their own issues but held the opposition to just 16 points, the offense provided absolutely no help. The main reason for that lies with an offensive line that was far from its reputation as one of the league’s best, instead they struggled all day long. Dak Prescott was sacked six times. He was under pressure much more than that and was hit 10 times. There was plenty of blame to go around. Prescott, when not under pressure, had some opportunities to do damage, but he missed them. Most egregious was his failure to hit a wide open Blake Jarwin who had gotten behind the defense as a result of busted coverage. There were other passes that were off target on the day, it certainly wasn’t the kind of performance that was going to silence those who doubt him. He has to do better.The Cowboys receivers, both the wide receivers and the tight ends, were struggling to get open. There were times when you looked down the field and Prescott had absolutely no where to go with the ball. It wasn’t the receiver-by-committee approach we all had hoped for. Only Cole Beasley stood out as a player who made something happen. When you get down to it, though, it all starts with the offensive line. The Cowboys want to run the ball and for long stretches of the game there was just no room. Ezekiel Elliott managed to end up with somewhat respectable stats, 15 carries for 69 yards and one touchdown Womens Zack Martin Jersey , but most of that came on just a couple of drives, the rest of the time he was having no real impact. With no running lanes, he was stymied at the line of scrimmage far too often. The run-blocking matched the pass-blocking in its ineffectiveness. Tyron Smith started the game off with two penalties. The Cowboys actually had a nice offensive play in their opening series, a quick screen to Tavon Austin, but Smith’s block in the back negated it. Connor Williams struggled, especially as the game wore on. He has two major flaws that we saw in preseason, and we saw them again. One, he can be bull-rushed. He has a hard time anchoring down and holding off these NFL defensive tackles. Second, he can dip his head and reach, which is terrible technique, and then he gets beat. He’s got some learning still to do. La’el Collins also struggled, he was part of the sack parade and the penalty parade. He’s still very much a work in progress.It does need to be said that the Carolina Panthers posses a very talented front seven. Kawaan Short is a beast at defensive tackle and he had his way with the interior of the Cowboys line. The linebacker duo of Luke Kuechly and Shaq Thompson did a phenomenal job of filling the rushing lanes and holding Zeke in check. This is a very good front seven, among the best in the NFL. So there are some mitigating circumstances.But, the Cowboys offensive line just wasn’t good enough. Without looking at the tape it’s hard to judge everything Womens Cole Beasley Jersey , like how well Joe Looney did throughout. Still, you have to believe this would be a better unit if Travis Frederick were able to play. The Cowboys can’t count on that anytime soon, so they better work on improving what they have. Connor Williams is going to need to grow up fast. La’el Collins has to be better. There is blame to go around. Dak Prescott absolutely has to play better. The coaching staff, including Scott Linehan, have to figure out why their attack was so anemic. The receivers have to do a better job of presenting a target, especially when the play breaks down and the scramble drill is on. Even if that all is corrected, without better play from the offensive line, this team will need its defense to be the ‘85 Bears. Barry Sanders shook hands with fans, posed for pictures and engaged in small talk outside a suite at Ford Field before the Detroit Lions opened the season against the New York Jets.At halftime, the Hall of Fame running back was on the field to turn a huge key, and the stadium's speakers blared with the sounds of an engine revving.Sanders is in his second season as an ambassador for the team, a paid role that is sending him on the road for Detroit's game against the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday."It's definitely nice to be back after the first few years of being retired and there not being much communication," Sanders said in an interview with The Associated Press. "So, certainly just being able to be involved with certain things that the team is doing from a community outreach standpoint and that sort of thing Womens Tyron Smith Jersey , for me, it's great."And, just being able to be around the game a little more and certainly around the Lions family a little more for me is meaningful so I do appreciate that."The Lions like the arrangement, too.Sanders visits suite holders during games and attends meet-and-greet sessions along with going to other team functions such as its draft party."It's great having him around and back in the fold, interacting with fans and corporate sponsors," Lions president Rod Wood told The AP. "He's probably if not the best player in Lions history, he's in the handful of the best."And, he's definitely the most remembered by our fans."While it may seem like a logical connection between the former star player and the only NFL team he played for, their relationship was not smooth in the years following his sudden and surprising retirement just before training camp began 1999.Sanders is always showered with cheers in the Motor City these days. But he was booed in public at times back in the day by fans who were still unhappy he walked away from the game after 10 spectacular seasons when he was on the verge of becoming the NFL's all-time leading rusher."I hated that it came to the point where he was getting booed," said Lomas Brown, one of Sanders' former teammates. "He's one of the greatest ever and he did it all here in Detroit. There are still some people holding a grudge today, but that's been gone for a while."Brown hopes the Lions take another step in their relationship with Sanders by honoring him with a statue at Ford Field."It's hard to believe there's not one," Brown said.Wood declined to say if there are plans to erect a Sanders statue."We've talked about things we haven't announced," Wood said.When Calvin Johnson announced his retirement two years ago Youth Anthony Brown Jersey , it reminded people of Sanders' decision to walk away from the game.Like Sanders, the former star receiver chose to leave the Lions and the league with years left on his contract and seemingly some solid seasons left in his career.Johnson retired two years ago and the team has tried and failed, so far, to rekindle its relationship with him.As Sanders was the honored guest in Wood's suite for a game earlier this month, Johnson was in a nearby luxury box on the same floor."I know Lions fans appreciate Barry's role with the team because he's the greatest Lion and one of the greatest running backs — if not the greatest — to play the game," said Johnson, who declined to talk about his relationship with the team.Brown believes time will take care of whatever issues are keeping Johnson from being a part of the organization in some way."If the Lions continue to reaching out to him and being warm to him, I think it'll happen," Brown said.Wood is working on it."It's still goal of the organization, and me in particular, to get Calvin back in the fold," Wood said. "It was good to see him at the (Jets) game."

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