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arious fans and media outlets process the report that Thomas Davis will not be re-signed by the Carolina Panthers for the 2019 season. Understandings of the reasons are as diverse as the flakes of a cold winter snowfall Blue Ryan Kalil Jersey , but most people share one common emotion... sadness. Players who have lived the caliber of career and life that Thomas Davis can claim are priceless in their rarity, and my belief is that they are only getting rarer. Davis embodies the spirit of the game, and we were very fortunate that he shared it with our team for the vast majority (and possibly all) of his career.However, it is possible to both mourn the departure of a team legend and understand the move at the same time. This isn’t our first visit to this rodeo, and it also certainly won’t be the last one. The business side of the NFL is hard to mix with the raw emotion many fans feel for their team and certain players, this is just the latest example.A General Manager changing his waysBefore getting to on-field implications, I think we should start discussions with the fact this move is further proof that this Marty Hurney isn’t the same one we saw during his first tenure. Telling a fourteen year veteran star, one that he drafted himself back in 2005, that he won’t be re-signed is a major shift in expectations from what we’ve seen in the past. While general managers are constantly walking the popularity lines based on their latest moves, since his return to Carolina Ryan Kalil Jersey 2019 , Hurney has had more to brag about than regret. Never. Forget.Denny Medley-USA TODAY SportsWe should all remain skeptical, but at least he has shown some propensity to learn and grow from experience.A future plan with significant investmentThe real reason that the Panthers have to move on from Thomas Davis is the future of Shaq Thompson. I think there was a pretty high degree of certainty that this would be Davis’ final season, and the team planned accordingly by exercising the fifth year option on Thompson’s rookie contract to give them flexibility heading into 2019. The notion that Davis might be playing again next year really started fueling about a month ago, but the team knows it absolutely has to hand the reigns over to a younger player, get a complete season of evaluation on him, and sign a long term contract based on that.Make no mistake, there are absolutely locker room politics at play here. Thinking that Thomas Davis, if re-signed, would really be asked to play a reserve only role on a team he’s lead for so long is foolish. Not only would Davis himself push for more snaps, I think Ron Rivera would happily give them to him. Nothing about his history regarding preference for veterans says otherwise.Meanwhile 2019 Trai Turner Jersey , you have to consider the pride of an athlete like Shaq Thompson. He’s publicly taken the whole process in stride, but behind the scenes, you’re talking about a former first round pick looking to truly make his mark ahead of signing his second NFL contract. He knows that with Thomas Davis around, his share of the spotlight will continue to be dim, and it is likely to hurt his value. If you re-sign Davis, you risk a scenario where Thompson is going to opt to chase money somewhere else regardless of his home team offering him a deal, due to him being disgruntled. If Davis retires then, well, you’ve wasted everything and have to start over.A season of change2019 is already shaping up to be a pivotal year in the history of the Carolina Panthers, and that is before any major transactions are made and draft picks are selected. You’re going to have a head coach sitting on the hottest seat he’s occupied in years balancing a house of cards and praying for a lack of wind. As of now Blue Trai Turner Jersey , Cam Newton is not well, and there is worry that he may never quite be the same again. Your franchise G.O.A.T. at tight end, Greg Olsen, may have to call it a career due to a chronic foot injury. Your offensive line is hamstrung by a bad deal by a former general manager, and your defensive line is not performing to standard for various reasons. There’s a lot of optimism in certain areas as well, but the general situation is very volatile. If you’re team management, you control the fires that you can, and that has everything to do with what I spoke about in the previous section. You have to ensure the team has a future, even if that means making a hard decision about a beloved player. In the end, there isn’t a single person connected to the Panthers that feels good about the fact that Davis might play somewhere else next year. PICTURED: One of the few people happy to see Thomas Davis go.This is a guy who deserves a bronze statue of himself outside the stadium Blue Jarius Wright Jersey , so the thought of him finishing things up like Jerry Rice or Brett Favre is unsettling. Hopefully it will all work out for the best, but I sure know we are going to miss his presence. Thanks for everything, Thomas Davis, you’re one in a billion. NEW YORK (AP) — Three of the NFL’s best defensive players, Bobby Wagner, Jadeveon Clowney and Chandler Jones, have been fined $20,054 each by the league for hits in last week’s games.Clowney and Chandler were docked for roughing-the-passer calls, while Wagner was penalized for a facemask penalty.Those were not the largest fines announced by the league Saturday.Seattle cornerback Justin Coleman’s unnecessary roughness penalty against San Francisco cost him $26,739. Also fined that amount was Cleveland linebacker Jamie Collins for the same call.New Orleans rookie DE Marcus Davenport was fined $20 Jarius Wright Jersey 2019 ,054 for roughing the passer against Carolina.Docked $10,026 for unnecessary roughness were Ravens cornerback Jimmy Smith and running back Kenneth Dixon; Broncos cornerback Jamar Taylor; Browns receiver Antonio Callaway; Rams cornerback Marcus Peters; and Panthers guard Andrus Peat.On Friday, Panthers safety Eric Reid said he was fined a fourth time this season by the NFL for an illegal hit — this time one that didn’t draw a flag —in the loss to the Saints. He was fined $20,054.

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